It’s Our Birthday! Thank You for 15 Years!

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How it all Began… From an inspirational trip to a North-West Indian market in 1998, to the creation of our first leather satchel in 2006, the realisation and conception of Scaramanga (born from... READ MORE

Indian Summer Interiors | by Scaramanga

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Indian Summer Interiors Indian Summer Interiors bring the colours of that special time of year in August when the sun shines brightly to enhance the natural colours outside. On these bright sunny days,... READ MORE

Sustainability with Style

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Back in the ‘good-old’ days…after the Industrial Revolution, new technologies, new materials and seemingly endless energy sources made it more profitable to create brand new products from scratch rather than repair and reuse... READ MORE

Bring your interiors outside this summer

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The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the evenings are wonderfully light – it must be British summertime! Here at Scaramanga, we love our vintage and retro homewares, but they don’t... READ MORE

It’s Our Birthday! Thank You for 15 Years!

How it all Began…

From an inspirational trip to a North-West Indian market in 1998, to the creation of our first leather satchel in 2006, the realisation and conception of Scaramanga (born from Carl’s dining table!) has proven so important in establishing us as a renowned lifestyle brand, now 15 years strong! Carl was inspired by the traditional techniques utilised by artisanal craftsmen in their ability to expertly recreate the quintessential British satchel, in addition to their furniture restoration techniques and practices. The Scaramanga brand was launched with our original leather satchel, leather notebooks and small wooden boxes, prior to receiving our first container of vintage furniture in 2008. One year later we expanded our leather range even further with our travel bags and in 2015 we announced the launch of our incredibly popular embossing service. We now boast over 50 styles and sizes of high quality leather bags and very recently, in August 2021, we celebrated the arrival of our largest ever shipping container; 40ft of new products! These milestones have each been a source of indescribable excitement for team Scaramanga, but we couldn’t have done it alone…

Scaramanga has continued to grow and expand during our 15 years as a lifestyle brand and this simply wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful suppliers in India. When you make a purchase with us, you are not only supporting ethical production, eco-friendly and sustainable practices, but also the individuals and families who are committed to creating and restoring our pieces.

The Story Behind our Leather Bags & Accessories

Our leather bags and accessories have been a staple of Scaramanga style from day one! We use unique Hunter leather for its large yield, incredible quality and hard-wearing properties. The tanning process used, a semi-vegetable tanned method, allows us to utilise more natural substances such as tannins, dyes and oils. This reduces the need for harmful chemicals that damage the environment and could negatively impact the leather as it ages. Our leather tanning and finishing techniques bring out the natural attributes of the leather, allowing our bags and accessories to age beautifully! Expect some variation in texture and colour in our bags, as different areas of hide can often be included in one bag. This creates depth in the piece and gives each bag a unique look – they truly are one of a kind!

We are incredibly proud to work exclusively with small scale and family run enterprises, and this (of course!) includes our highly skilled bag makers in India who craft for a firm that has been in the leather industry for over 75 years. The business has been managed by three generations of the same family, who are considered pioneers of antique and vegetable tanned leathers in eastern India. They even made leather products for the British and Indian armies during World War II.


Did you know?
We’ve dispatched well over 50,000 leather bags and satchels since 2006! That’s a lot of bags for 15 years!

buying antique and vintage furniture in India

The History of our Furniture & Interiors

Our vintage furniture pieces are sourced directly from India and are restored by the Ram family, who have been breathing new life into reclaimed and antique furniture for seven generations. Every item of furniture we stock is handpicked by Carl, who also oversees the careful restoration of the pieces. At Scaramanga, we appreciate well made furniture and interiors. Our pieces aren’t made to look vintage, they are vintage. True vintage pieces are built-to-last, with many decades of life left in them post-restoration. Our furniture is so full of personality and history; we are proud of every piece that makes the journey from its origins in India to our warehouse in Scotland!

But we aren’t the only ones to have noticed the incredible quality and character of our pieces… We celebrated our first movie feature in 2010 when our antique trunks made it into Dark Shadows, and our television debut made it to screen in 2016 when our padlocks and chests appeared in Celebrity Big Brother and the relaunched Crystal Maze. To date, our pieces have made appearances in twelve feature films! We are also proud to provide interiors for a growing number of wholesale customers.

Thank You for 15 Years!

Maintaining positive relationships with both our suppliers and our customers is incredibly important to everyone here at Scaramanga, and we think this focus on people has contributed massively to the success of our first 15 years in business. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we appreciate each customer and each order massively! We, the Scaramanga team, are so passionate about our products and our people, and we are still just as dedicated to providing high quality, ethically sourced leather and vintage pieces, 15 years on.

Here’s to another 15 years (and beyond)!

Indian Summer Interiors | by Scaramanga

Indian Summer Interiors | by Scaramanga

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Indian Summer Interiors

Indian Summer Interiors bring the colours of that special time of year in August when the sun shines brightly to enhance the natural colours outside. On these bright sunny days, you’ll see deep reds, vibrant greens, bright golden yellows magically enhanced by a fantastic blue sky. These colours can be seen in a lot of our vintage furniture and it’s easy to bring these pieces into your existing interior design scheme. You can find a big statement piece in our vintage furniture collection or some lovely finishing touches with our smaller interiors. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have something unique, original and inspired by the colours of an Indian Summer.

Add some Indian summer interiors to your home this august

You will find a wide variety of styles and colours in our furniture, so there is something for everybody.  Our up-cycled chicken coop table in vibrant blue has a metal frame making it suitable for a vintage, industrial or modern home. It’s incredibly durable and the best part is that it can be used indoors or outdoors. (weather permitting) We’ve collected a lot of interesting statement pieces from across the globe and these brightly coloured vintage Indian metal trunks and colourful tins are no exception. The perfect addition to your new Indian summer interiors.  The perfect addition to your Indian summer interiors

Vintage Colourful Curios

Nothing can give you a quicker mini makeover than adding in new unique curios. We’ve used lots of greenery to add more colour and texture. Mix different shaped old pots with newer simple terrcotta pots. We love succulents, cacti and palms. We’ve also mixed materials by adding  different coloured vintage trunks and adding a weathered stone bowl. You can make this space anything you want by adding curios that exude Indian summer interiors and style.

These vintage tins make a great feature for Indian summer interiors

Table Style

Why not use one of our tins as a mini side table? These tins ooze character.  We’ve decorated it with our mini terracotta plant pots and styled next to our vintage planter and stand. Innovativley up-cycled and re-purposed from an old well bucket, this wonderful rustic metal planter is beautifully presented on a handmade tripod stand.

Vintage blue wall rack perfect for Indian summer interiors

Feature Wall Rack

Our most popular colour of interiors is blue and this Vintage blue wall rack from India is no exception. It literally has the exact colours you will see when you glance at the sky outside, the carved wood on this piece are stunning. Talk about a statement piece! This would be ideal in the kitchen, living room, bedroom…ok any room, really. Full of character and life, this wall rack is truly an original, the perfect addition to your Indian summer interior overhaul.

Vintage shabby chic trunks the perfect trunk for Indian summer interiors

Old Chests

All of our antique chests are the perfect home accessory as they provide a classic vintage look with the added bonus of being a great storage solution. Chest’s and boxes are kind of our thing! So there is no doubt you’ll find the right size, colour and shape to fit perfectly in your home. Because most of our chests are made of natural teak (which is a classic Indian Summer Interiors colour!) they are wonderfully durable and robust meaning that in addition to providing storage, some can even serve as a storage bench at the end of a bed or in a hallway. More, they make a unique storage coffee table, too.


Tag us in your Indian summer Interior images on instagram @scaramangauk we would love to see them. You could also be in with a chance to win £50 to spend online!!*


*T&C apply


Sustainability with Style

buying antique and vintage furniture in India | sustainability with style

Back in the ‘good-old’ days…after the Industrial Revolution, new technologies, new materials and seemingly endless energy sources made it more profitable to create brand new products from scratch rather than repair and reuse old ones. Over time, things got so bad that manufacturers even started ‘stimulating’ the economy by ensuring that goods broke down or went out of style as quickly as possible to keep consumers coming back again and again. Of course from a sustainability perspective this is deplorable because new resources are continually needed to make newer models, and more often than not, the old product materials aren’t reused and end up polluting ecosystems and clogging up landfills. Continued

Bring your interiors outside this summer

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Bring some texture outside with these beautiful woven chairs

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the evenings are wonderfully light – it must be British summertime! Here at Scaramanga, we love our vintage and retro homewares, but they don’t have to stay inside. In honour of the beginning of the warmer weather, we’ve got together our five top homewares that can spend the summer outside with you.


Conversations with Interior Designer Alicia Storie

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Alicia Storie is an eco-conscious interior designer who we are were thrilled to talk to at length about her creative process, her distinguished career, and how her time as an interior designer in London, to travelling the world led her to start this new journey as an green interior designer. Alicia creates functional, planet-friendly spaces without compromising on aesthetics. We are thrilled to be partnering with Alicia to offer our customers design consultations to help design their homes. Read our full interview below.

Carl –  Hello Alicia, and thank you for joining us today. Tell us Alicia, what led you into Interior design?

Alicia – So, I would say at an early age I had a passion for art. Then I went to study at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee where I studied art for a year before specialising in interior design because I felt that it really resinated a lot with me. The course that I studied was fantastic and gave a great introduction to interior design and it really went from there. 

Carl – It has been a very turbulent year for everyone around the world, how has the pandemic affected you?

Alicia – So, actually prior to setting up my own business, I was travelling for a couple years. Trying to move towards remote interior design, and be anywhere in the world, not necessarily in an office behind a desk offering interior design. At that stage it was very hard to convince people the value of remote work, but actually the pandemic has flipped that on its head. People now realise you don’t have to be in one fixed location.  

Carl – How long has your business been running?

Alicia – It is fairly new,  so I worked in London for 4 years and my business is 1.5 years old. So, still very young. It has been a very exciting journey to transfer the skills that I had before from working within a company into the world of self-employment, but I love it, it is really good fun. 

Carl – Before we delve into the business you have created, what project have you previously been involved with when working in London?

Alicia – In London I worked in a creative studio, so I worked with clients; Expedia (the travel company) I did their offices in London, I worked with Jaguar Land Rovers offices, An innovation centre for the NHS and I also worked on a very vibrant bright hostel with Accor hotels, so quite a range and mix of projects. 

Carl – So you then moved on to set up your own business. What inspired you to do that?

Alicia – Really, when I was working in London, I love my job, but I realised how big a carbon footprint traditional interior design has. So, I began to travel and research different ways to build architecture and interior design in a sustainable way. After learning this, I felt I couldn’t go back to a traditional design role. I chose to go down the journey of mixing design and sustainability together which led me to set up my company. 

Interior Designer Alicia Storie, spent 2 years travelling around the world learning eco-friendly design techniques and style

Carl – Fantastic, so what is the secret to the success of your business?

Alicia – For me, I really love people. I am quite a sociable person. I think communication really comes down to the core of a successful output in terms of interior design. When I work with someone I ask a lot of questions at the start to make sure we are on exactly the same page and that I create a solution that is completely in line with the expectation and goals for the project.

Carl – What does Eco-conscious interior design mean and what is your interpretation of it?

Alicia – Essentially I look at 3 main principles when it comes to Eco-conscious interior design. I look at interior enhancements,  energy efficiency and waste reduction. 

Interior enhancement includes looking at the existing space and enhancing on what is already there. So, you add a layer of interior design, rather than designing for the sake of designing, 

Energy efficiency, I look at the space in general; how it functions, and seeing if there any ways of improving. For example retro-fitting an extra layer of insulation, or for example looking at the experience of the space; location radiators away from door, so that there is less heat loss adding windows and blinds that sort of thing. 

And then Waste reduction, I look at how can the space function more efficiently to reduce waste. For example I suggest to client that they have a compost bin on site. So they can then take their food waste and compost that in order to create soil for their own gardens. 

I essentially do consultations as well as interior enhancements to try and make a space as green as possible. 

Carl – Brilliant, so these are all practical ideas and solutions that customers can do themselves once they have been guided through. What would be the first stages for a customer to begin this process?

Alicia – Essentially I can as involved or not involved as the client needs. Some people ask purely for consultation, so they might want to ask questions on how to improve a space. Which works much like this, with a zoom call, there they can pick my brain and ask lots of questions on how to improve the space. Other projects I am very hands on and involved in the whole process. For example I have just finished a B&B deign in balloter, and for that I built a lot of the furniture,  I expedited a lot of the tasks myself, I was incredibly involved in the process. So, yeah, it is really entirely up to the person if they want a light touch or full sustainable design service. 

Carl – Say someone is looking at updating, refreshing or redesigning their kitchen and making it more functional and more in character to their home. What would be the key stages for them or what are the main areas they should consider when doing so?

Alicia – Essentially for a kitchen re-model in general, as I had mentioned before, I would always recommend starting with what you already have. Look to see if there are any elements that can be salvaged, and if you are ripping out your kitchen and starting again there are often places where you can sell your kitchen second hand or donate where it then gets reused and that extends the life-cycle of that. 

Then I always mention to plan your layout with priority. This has a big impact on how you use the space. It is really important that your layout reflects how you would use the space. For example think about where you would like to prep, cook, where you serve things, displays all these different elements. If you start to map out your behaviour in the kitchen then you can plan your layout to reflect that. 

I would then say to look at your appliances. Can they be reused? If not, try and opt for energy efficient appliances. 

Seek out second hand materials and furniture, you can choose beautifully textured and reclaimed woods for your kitchen. They are not only kinder to the planet but they also add so much character to your space which is really lovely. 

Carl – I had read that natural wood is one of the best materials to use in the kitchen. Why would that be the case?

Alicia – Wood in general you have to be careful with, but it is a great material. There are certain certifications that you can look out for that show that the wood is sustainably sourced. So if you look for a label that says FSC that means that wood has been sustainable sourced which is great. To be even more sustainable,  if you look for reclaimed woods that is even better. As the tree has already been cut down and the wood has been used and now you are repurposing it again instead of that wood being sent to landfill , etc. Essentially yes, reclaimed woods are a fantastic Eco friendly solution for kitchen design, worktops and different elements. 

Using reclaimed wood in your interior design can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and is super kind to the environment.

Carl – Why would someone use an interior designer and not do these processes themselves? What benefits does using an interior designer bring?

Alicia – It really comes down to maximising the potential of the space. Interior design comes a lot with experience. I can remember the first project I was woking on, it was quite over-whelming but after hundreds later the process is now very smooth and transparent. So, really the value is to really get the most out of the space, really maximise every inch of it. 

Carl – A lot of people don’t have big kitchens, but it is where they spend a lot of time together, a lot of appliances. So using the most of the space I would imagine is very important. 

Alicia – Exactly, I recently just worked on a ‘tiny house design’ Where I focused on making every single surface almost have two functions. So everything was multi-functional and the space worked very efficiently, even though it was tiny. The fantastic thing about that is, the smaller the space, normally, the smaller the carbon footprint as there is less materials needed to make it, in general. It just gives you that second eye and helps you ensure that the end goal is exactly how you envisioned it, because the construction process can have a lot of hurdles along the way sometimes, so it just helps to have that extra opinion when the unexpected pops up. 

Carl – How can our customers make use of your expertise?

Alicia – What I can do is help explain what combinations of furniture would help best to create their dream kitchen. For example I know that you have a lot of different storage on your website like big cupboards and they are fantastic for creating free standing pantries. I have done some mood boards of where they can be organised within, so that within the pantry you can have other storage and I can explain how to mic and match different products in order to create a very unique identity which doesn’t look like something your neighbour could also have, it would be completely tailored to you. I am there as a guide for any questions your customer may have. When creating a vintage kitchen I know there are a lot of variables, so I can be there to suggest which can be used in combination to create a kitchen that really reflects you and your needs. 

Interior Design Mood Boards

Carl – Sounds great, you offer online consultations. How do they work?

Alicia – It is all done over zoom. It is an hour consultation where the customer can tell me a quick brief of what it is they need help with. 

As I mentioned before I ask a lot of questions, so I can get the real core of the project and what they really need and then I talk them through a series of suggestions and how we can really make those happen.  I then create a plan of action on how to get to their end goal and a suggested shopping list of what components they would need to make that happen. 

So we have teamed up with Alicia to offer our customers a FREE 30 min online consultation. Where she will be happy to discuss your ideas and plans on a vintage kitchen, or any other part of your home you would like to update. 

Our customers can book from our website here

If you are looking to add some character and charm to your kitchen, with design that has been carefully thought through to make the most of your space all while being kind to the plant click the link above. 

How to create and style a Vintage Kitchen

How to create and style a Vintage Kitchen

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How to create and style a vintage kitchen. One of our biggest and most exciting projects has been to design and fit an entire retro-inspired vintage kitchen with free-standing cupboards and cabinets for our founder and director Carl and his family.

vintage ktchen free standing kitchen

A Vintage Kitchen Living Space With Character & Style

They bought the house in 2014 and the entire house renovation was a major project. The most important room for them was always going to be the kitchen. Carl and Emma wanted colour and character infused into their kitchen, as well as wanting the kitchen to reflect their eclectic interior style. So having free standing kitchen cupboards, cabinets and units was going to be the best solution.  Both love traveling and wanted the kitchen to reflect the wonderful places and amazing places they have visited together. Before we could start, the old 1980’s old green kitchen was completely removed along with a 1970’ss Raeburn that was used to heat the house was removed with all the kitchen cupboard units, the entire room was rewired and plumbed and the walls and ceiling plastered. The wall between the old kitchen and the front reception room was removed to create a large open-plan family kitchen diner. They were left with an empty room.

vintage kitchen storage unitss

The kitchen is no longer the place for just preparing food, but more, kitchens are likely to be the real heart of a home and this was certainly going to be Carl and Emma’s plan. They wanted this kitchen living space to incorporate dining, entertaining, cooking, working and a place for the kids to play, as they knew they would spend most of their time there.

Naturally they chose original vintage kitchen cupboards and cabinets from Scaramanga and they wanted an original old Belfast sink and brass mixer taps. The cupboard below the sink was custom made by Chris at Claws Joinery, using five small antique doors reclaimed from antique Indian windows.


Carl and Emma bought an antique extending French oak table from a local antique dealer at Pine Lodge Auctions, in Fife. The two industrial benches were repurposed from old wire mesh lockers, by commissioning a local blacksmith to make an iron frame with legs – Scaramanga have several industrial benches available.

Carl and Emma loved the old free-standing larders that would been very common before the 1960s in most kitchens and two brightly coloured armoires were used to store plates, bowls and mugs and dry foods.

Carl’s Top Tips for planning a vintage kitchen

1. Do your research and decide what works for you in the kitchen. Avoid fitting a kitchen with all the latest trends, unless you plan to update your kitchen every few years as it could look out of date quite quickly. And do not be afraid to use the services of an interior designer for inspiration and help sourcing either fixtures, fittings, wall-coverings and more! An interior designer does not have to cost a lot and will often make suggestions and find ways you would not have done on your own. Many will also have good contacts for buying fixtures and fittings, often at discounted rates.

We removed everything from the old kitchen as part of the process of installing new pipework for plumbing / electrical wiring, restoring the stone floor.

2. Do not be afraid to try something different. If you like colour, then go with all different colours, like all the different cupboards in Carl and Emma’s kitchen, you’ll see different colours, heights, depths and widths, as well.  You may remember from a previous blog, the best advice is ‘buy what you love, and make it work’.  They chose 2 striking vintage armoires , which are usually better suited to a bedroom, but in the spirit of eclectic style, they tried them in the kitchen and loved them for storing plates, bowls, mugs and glasses. Now, they cannot image their kitchen without them!

3. If your budget allows get as much help and assistance as you can. Use recommended tradespeople and consider using an interior designer. They aren’t as expensive as many people think and are vital for sourcing hard to find items and often are able to negotiate discounts with shops and stores. Bonus!

4. It’s all about size. If space is tight, use compact cupboards and cabinets designed to save those valuable inches and still give an open airy feeling. A sleek, uncluttered look will increase the sense of space. Tall and wide wall cabinets and hidden storage will keep the floor area clear. Slim-line tall cabinets will allow you to store more, but take up space.

free standing kitchen unts

5. Think about which style you would like: vintage, modern, classic country or an eclectic style.  Do not rush into starting. Look online with style publications, stores, blogs and Pinterest, Insta, as well as interiors and lifestyle magazines. Start a Pinterest or mood board. Visit stores and showrooms to give you an idea of their size and when it comes to buying, many retailers will match online sellers.

6. Work out the best location for kitchen essentials like: sink, fridge, cooker, radiators, this then gives you the available space for storage and work-surfaces. Use scaled drawings and mark their positions on the floor and imagine how you can move, work and live with objects marked out.

The top of this old kitchen cupboard makes an ideal work surface
The top of this old kitchen cupboard makes an ideal work surface


7. Be prepared to lose space as a free-standing kitchen will mean that you will not have wall-to-wall cupboards using every inch of space. So look to keep less frequently used kitchenware out of the kitchen. This may mean extra pots and pans sets and unused wedding dinner sets and bread-makers are stored somewhere else. They have their dishwasher in another room! But sometimes less is more.


Get The Eclectic Vintage Kitchen Look

Antique and vintage free standing cabinets and units give a more lived-in appeal, which is enhanced by exposed or a faded paint finish. Open shelves and glass wall mounted cabinets may bring the kitchen to life by showing a more personal side to your life. Critically, good organisation is key to a comfortable kitchen space. So maximise storage space and design the kitchen to specific needs. If space really does not allow free-standing units then try a mixture of free-standing with fitted units. So if you are unable to buy a cupboard or cabinet to fit a specific space consider having it custom made using reclaimed wood or repurposed furniture.


Think about using a joiner to custom make part of the kitchen if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for. This could be the case if you are repurposing or upcycling something.

The good thing about free standing cupboards and cabinets are that if they do not look right or fit, you can easily take them out and try something else. So ask retailers if they offer a try before you buy service. So you might try several pieces before you choose the right one.

Space saving furniture and fittings will be necessary in a compact kitchen. So fold away tables or extending tables or mobile units are great options.


Blue vintage folding table
Blue vintage folding table

An island or peninsula creates a zone between busy kitchen and social areas. But a traditional table can work just as well. Mix traditional woods with painted pieces add less formal living space.

Add finishing touches with original vintage storag tins, boxes,

Old plates and potted plants give flashes and colour and texture

Vintage Kitchen Experts

Having professional experts helping made the vintage kitchen renovation mush easier. Thanks to all the trades and professional assistance we had over the 2 years the house was renovated:

Claws Joinery – 07788636819 –

Electrician Aaron Anderson – Chas Anderson 01334652102

Fiona Wilson Interiors – 07817 673827 (interior designer) wallpapers and curtains.

Ross Landale Builders 07947006010 – plastered kitchen and several other rooms, lowered the ceiling, pointed the exteral brickwork and rendered exteranl walls.

Edenside decorators 07880935666 – painting of the entire house.

Plumber – Robert Hopkins 07889 732074 – removal of old pipework, fitted new boiler, antique radiators and new pipe work.

Studio Baird Architects 01337 857 453

Pine Lodge Auction and Interiors – 01337 827007

Absolute Floorcare, they stripped, sanded and sealed all the wooden floors and original flagstones in the hallway and kitchen.





Add Vintage Character To Your Garden | Scaramanga Outdoor Furniture

Add Vintage Character To Your Garden | Scaramanga Outdoor Furniture

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Add Vintage Character To Your Garden

Did you know that Scaramanga also has a range of Outdoor Furniture? Our original folding chairs, outdoor tables and fire pits can all be used to furnish your outdoor space in Original Scaramanga Vintage style. So if you’ve got some outdoor entertaining on your social calendar this Summer, then have a look at our selection of patio furniture! We guarantee that it won’t be what all your friends have. From large gardens to small balconies we have original pieces to make the most of your outdoor space.

outdoor furniture with scaramanga

Dining outdoors

Vintage Folding Table

The main piece of outdoor furniture you need is your outdoor table. The vintage folding table all have original paint on them, so they each have a unique distressed paint job. Which of course gives them that sought-after shabby chic or farmhouse look.  You don’t see many multi-functional vintage pieces of furniture. Use it when you want to then fold it up and store it away when you don’t need it or want additional space. These vintage tables are the most popular choice in our range of outdoor furniture. They’ve been purchased by many bars and restaurants for their rustic chic patios!

wooden folding tables in Scaramanga's outdoor furniture

Vintage Outdoor Seating

No outdoor space is complete without some gorgeous statement seating. Add a touch of character and charm to your outdoor furniture with a set of vintage chairs for dining outdoors. Create an intimate elegant dining area or a cool retro-inspired space. Scaramanga has a wide range of authentic and original chairs, wooden folding, vintage metal, antique, retro chairs, stools and benches.
Creating an eclectic dining space can be done by pairing antique and vintage tables with our selection of vintage, retro, industrial metal stacking chairs, benches and stools. Functional, practical but extremely stylish!

vintage chairs perfect for adding seating in your garden | vintage outdoor furniture

A beautiful decorative yellow vintage bench recently sourced from Northern India. This ‘statement bench’ would add a burst of positive colour to any room, garden or patio. The pastel yellow-painted teak bench’s frame has been build to last..and look fancy!
Gorgeous vintage bench | garden furniture

Create Zones in your Outdoor Space

Vintage Doors and Windows

Scaramanga has a new range of large old doors, windows and large upcycled mirrors – explore our full range to be style-inspired. All of them reclaimed from architectural salvage. There are well over one hundred years old and have been made from tropical hardwoods such as teak and mango wood. Use these doors and windows to help create zones in your outdoor space or use them as a statement decorative piece. We think they are stunning and would make a great focal point in your home.

Entertaining Space

New Authentic Fire Bowls

Fire pits are a great social hub, why not consider one for this Spring and Summer? Imagine a group of your family and friends gathered around one of these distinctive garden features. This antique kadai fire bowl has been upcycled from a huge old traditional Indian cooking pot – called a Kadai. This piece is super heavy and super heavy-duty (50kg heavy!). Originally these extra-large pots were used for communal cooking in Northern India and can still be seen used for wedding parties.


Cottagecore with Interior Designer Fiona Wilson

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For our latest Cottagecore campaign we got in touch with local interior designer, Fiona Wilson, to give some of her expert industry knowledge into this interior design trend. Continue on reading this blog post to find her thoughts on how you can incorporate some Cottagecore elements to your home.


Spring time is now upon us. The daffodils and snowdrops are in full flourish and just being outside is so appealing. With this in mind we want our homes to reflect this feeling of harmony and wellbeing that this season brings.

The Cottagecore edit with Local Interior designer Fiona Wilson

“Cottagecore” or the cosy “little women” inspired interiors are the now. We want our homes to reflect this contentment and we can achieve this by bringing the outside in with the use of floral prints, earthy natural colours and introducing textures such as linens, velvets, faded quilts and soft lighting. Mixing up the vintage with the new can successfully bring the trend of cottagecore to the fore.

feature some rustic charm in your home with our cottagecore edit

Lockdown has encouraged many of us to take up traditional, homely crafts such as knitting, breadmaking and woodcrafting, all these things that contribute to creating a nostalgic, warm and cosy cottagecore aesthetic as well as benefitting our mental wellbeing.

Imagine a room filled with tactile throws, mix up of cushions, ditsy prints and reclaimed furniture and to finish it off the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the air. The feel good factor that comes from the items you choose to put in your home that have been pre-loved or indeed created by you can be really satisfying.

Take for example this piece of furniture from Scaramanga is great for putting as a display on a coffee table or deep window sill filled with terracotta pots planted up with miniature daffodils and crocuses.

What a great bookshelf in your lounge or indeed in your kitchen as storage for vintage china.

This cabinet would fit right into a cottagecore inspired space, use it as a small larder in your kitchen or utility or as a storage cabinet for books and games in your family snug.

Large wooden cupboard. Perfect for that cottagecore touch

Great little rustic dishes for your hallway, perfect for putting your keys, loose change in.

Cottagecore edit: Old stone bowls

Showing of a collection works great in a country interior, collecting some carefully chosen pebbles or shells from a family beach walk would look great presented in this wall mounted display.

ornate, vintage display cabinet

Whatever your interior taste, cottagecore has a place in any home.

Fiona Wilson.


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Cottagecore; the new Country Aesthetic

Cottagecore; the new Country Aesthetic

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What is cottagecore? Simply put, the cottagecore aesthetic is inspired by a romantic interpretation of rural life. People who enjoy cottagecore are interested in the idea of a more simple life and time, as well as being in harmony with nature. As an interior design style, it’s a mix of traditional, classic, farmhouse, and eclectic design elements—all pulled together with a granny-chic influence. It’s all about displaying and showcasing your style and personality through the furniture, soft furnishings, books, artwork, tableware and other things. While a cottagecore style on its own is a hugely popular, we believe that you can create a truly unique space by adding interesting interiors pieces from other styles, so you can have a country style with you own personal touch added.

vintage steamer trunks

Remember a home is all about being surrounded by personal and meaningful objects. Carl, Scaramanga’s owner and furniture buyer, is drawn to unique, original antique and vintage furniture that has an interesting story and a history. So he buys late Victorian or 1930s Art Deco or 1940’s Indian colonial furniture or 1960s Scandinavian furniture or even 1970s industrial furniture. People collect pieces through their lives and these should be kept and used in their homes. Creating a cottagecore room can be done with a minimal budget and a few tweaks to some standard decor. The colour palette of a cottagecore room consists of mostly muted colours. Think pale/muted greens, yellows, warm whites, and vintage style floral/check prints. Common themes include farm animals, plants, rustic homes, and flowers. If something is comfy, cosy, and looks like it could be plucked from your grandmother’s house, then you’re on the right track.

Use original and natural materials in your cottagecore styling

This is definitely a kitsch look that mixes a ton of different design elements, as we mentioned above—from classical and traditional to rustic and eclectic. It manages to embody parts of some of the biggest trending design ideas of 2021—traditional comfort, grand millennial style, biophilic design, jewel-box rooms. They’re all rolled up into one, showing up in various ways in the Cottagecore aesthetic. a mix of rustic and ornate elements. This is a very antique-inspired look, (Hello, perfect Scaramanga!) Whether old or new, look for unique little end tables, slipcovered furniture, and textiles with patterns such as antique florals. Don’t be afraid to bring in colour and play with the relationship between colour and pattern. A more maximalist look more is more in this style.

Use a mix of original interiors for the cottagecore trend

Plants are one thing you see in almost every cottagecore mood board. With the cottagecore aesthetic having such a strong association with nature and natural beauty, it’s no surprise.

The use of plants and unique planters is essential for the cottagecore trend

At Scaramanga we carefully select antique, old and vintage furniture buying from dealers and sellers who have a lot of experience in buying and restoring furniture and who unusual stock. We are confident that you can find something that suits your budget, preferences and taste. The owner Carl, makes trips a couple of times a year across England, Scotland and India, where he spends time sourcing and finding out about the history of the items, so you are always getting unique furniture. It’s worthwhile remembering the life span of handmade or high end manufactured items is far longer than mass produced vintage style. It also means it can be passed down the generations. Everything at Scaramanga are made by hand, use good quality materials and are well designed.

Work from Home in Style

Work from Home in Style

With most having to work from home having an area or room to work from is essential. We’re going to show you how you can create a flexible work area with stylish affordable home office furniture. We believe the key to setting up or updating your home office is flexibility. A work from home space may not permanent, it may be shared and its components may be used in other areas and parts of your the home. Many people don’t have a separate office or study room so having the ability to move it easily and quickly is important. All our of office furniture suggestions are in stock and you won’t have piles of parts, screws and confusing assembly instructions. The joy of vintage and reclaimed furniture is that it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

home office furniture

We’ll start with a desk, except we’re using a vintage folding table that started its life as outdoor wedding table in India. They are super sturdy with thick tropical hardwood in an iron frame giving them a nod to an industrial look without looking too harsh. The original distressed blue paint finish adds a flash of colour (also available in red & green). Measuring 155cm x 59cm these tables are narrower than most kitchen tables so could fit into slim rooms. Best of all they fold flat for easy storage and transportation. With flexibility in mind the tables are perfectly suited for gardens, patios and summer houses. Or anywhere a strong table is needed.


Now you’ll need something to sit on. If you like mixing styles then go for a solid wood chair, if space is a driver then go for a stacking chair. These chairs can stack together nice and neatly. Keeping space used to a minimum. They have a Burgundy red, padded seat and back which make them super comfortable.

padded stacking chairs

Vintage Stacking Chair, Was £60 Now £45

Or if you’re looking for something a little more statement, look no further than our Vintage Leather Swivel Chair, £495

Vintage green swivel chair

Storage is critical, with most people using desk top and laptop computers most people don’t need lots of storage for files and folders. We’d recommend modular storage like metal tote tins, £30, which can be easily moved and stack.

small metal tote tin

Vintage tins make great pen, pencil and felt-tip pens and small desk accessories.  They are strong and look very striking. They’ll hold books, files and folders. Handy side handles make moving them around very easy and they can be stacked. Of course a home office during the day may become a study for children during home schooling, so being able to separate and store your work from other users’ work might be important.

Vintage shelving with folder dividers
Reclaimed office shelving with dividers for files and folders can be used books and decorative accessories. This green shabby chic shelving unit would look perfect in any home office. Vintage Shabby chic Shelving, £350

shabby chic shelves

Of course a home office furniture can make working from home seem characterless. So it’s important to decorate it with personal possessions. We believe in mixing styles and an office should be no exception. Make the space extra interesting by contrasting. Of course home offices  designed for working from home are pretty hi tech if you use a computer add low tech vintage accessories like an old telephone, old storage tins and wooden stationery boxes. Add house plants in old terracotta pots to add earthy textures and colours to break up shiny modern plastic of printers and laptops. We’ve used old colourful film posters. We would love to see your Work from Home style, share with us over on Instagram #scaramangaworkfromhome



tcbs40306-5 Blue folding table, was £235 now £150 James Leonard Retro Stacking chair

James Leonard Retro Chairs, £85

old and vintage tins make ideal storage for pens, flash drives, adaptors and all those small things that can clutter a desk


vintage bread tins can be reused as desk tidies, prices from £30


Old cigarette tins can be reused as business card holders






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