Leather Satchels for Women

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Leather Satchels for Women

Inspired by the timeless classic vintage leather school satchel, Scaramanga's original women's leather satchel bags are available in an exclusive range of vintage brown leather sizes and styles. We've been designing and making satchels for 16 years.

Each is handcrafted by expert artisans from craft-based communities by traditional techniques and tools. Our satchels range from small for your essentials to 16-inch laptop bags for work and oversized bags packed with pockets and compartments for travelling. We’ve grown our leather bag collection, but our classic satchels still remain our most popular selling bag to date. Our vintage leather women's satchel bags have a unique vintage brown leather finish, so you don’t have to wait years for that antique leather look.

We are proud of our fair-trade practices, so you can rest assured that our women's and girl's bags are sourced ethically. Our signature Hunter leather is thick and durable which means you’ll have this quality genuine leather bag for years to come. The leather ages beautifully but remains as sturdy as the day you bought it. We also tan our bags using eco-friendly practices which is better for the artisans and the environment. Because the leather is naturally distressed, you’re getting a leather bag that is completely one of a kind. No two bags ever come out exactly the same.

We love the classic appeal of women’s satchel bags, but also how practical they are for any of life’s journeys. You can use one for work as they will securely hold your laptop on your daily commute. Or you can use it as the perfect everyday cross body bag with its long adjustable strap. Who doesn’t love a hands-free bag!

Satchels also make ideal travel bags as the large vintage bag can hold clothes and shoes for a weekend away. Some of our customers use these bags as they wander around a new city as it will easily hold a water bottle, a camera and all daily belongings.

Scaramanga is one of the UK's leading women's leather bags shops. With prices from just £90 we are sure you will find some of the best women's satchels at Scaramanga.

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