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Our range of leather backpacks for women is smart, practical and of course stylish. You’ll see our rugged leather rucksacks are inspired by the vintage leather rucksacks worn by intrepid explorers and adventurers. But you’ll also see our new collection of smart laptop backpacks designed for those everyday commuters who want a stylish bag. Each bag is handmade by expert artisans from craft-based communities using quality eco tanned leather and traditional techniques.

We have leather backpacks for all lifestyles! Practicality is extremely important when designing women’s bags. Women find themselves on the go, heading from a work meeting to school pick up, so a practical bag is a must. Key features such as adjustable and detachable straps, zip compartments, padded laptop sleeves, durable handles and thoughtfully designed pockets are just a few reasons our leather backpacks are practical.

Our leather boho backpack is a great commuter’s bag, it securely holds your daily belongings. It can also accompany you on any weekend adventures whether for sightseeing around the city or climbing a hill.

Practicality is met with style when it comes to our women’s backpacks. You’ll find our distinctive Hunter leather is what makes them a style piece in a league of their own. The leather has been tanned in an eco-friendly way, so it has it’s natural distressing still intact.

All our women’s bags, including our backpacks are designed to stand the test of time in style as well as durability. There are classic design elements such as shapes and sizes that will ensure these bags are still as popular in 7 years’ time as they are now.

Our mini leather boho backpack is considered our most stylish bag by many bloggers and influencers and has been featured in style editorials. Each leather backpack is handcrafted by experienced leather bag making experts using traditional leatherworking skills and techniques.

Our selection of women’s backpacks come in 4 different styles, so you’ll have no problem finding the best backpack for your lifestyle. All our rucksacks are functional and practical for modern use; you can easily slide laptops in and out and keep all belongings safe and secure.

Our smart laptop backpack the Soho is designed specifically for the person on the go who wants the convenience of a backpack whilst commuting. Shop our exclusive range of Scaramanga leather backpacks today!

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