Upcycled Furniture

Upcycled Furniture

There are numerous reasons we love upcycled furniture. It's completely unique and one of a kind. It has a character that you can't get from newly made furniture and last, it's good for the environment. Our collection has some real treasure in it! We have gorgeous bistro tables, vintage slot machines turned into cabinets, hairpin leg desks and consoles., wall hanging planters and more. These upcycled vintage furniture pieces can be easily styled into many different homes, no matter what interiors you already have going on. 

Most of our upcycled furniture has that popular shabby chic style of look to them. Such as our vintage slot machine cabinets. These are absolute stunners! They can be a key feature statement piece in any room in your home. But their colours will allow you to style them easily with other pieces. These cabinets remind us that you can upcycle furniture from just about anything.

We also have a selection of upcycled tables, console tables and desks in our range of vintage furniture. All of these wooden tables and desks are handmade from repurposed wood. We use old teak wood which is extremely durable, so you won't have the dreaded wobbly table that can't hold much weight. 

When you buy upcycled furniture, you are helping to reuse old materials. This means we don't have to produce so many new things, a much better choice for the environment! So do your part for a more sustainable planet as well as bring some amazingly unique upcycled vintage furniture into you home today. 

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