Leather Flight Bags for Men

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Leather Flight Bags for Men

Browse our range of men’s flight bags, which are classically styled and thoughtfully designed to meet the durability and practical requirement of travelling. Our bags are spacious and yet compact, containing external and internal pockets to keep your things organized without looking bulky.

Our leather travel bags for men are comfortable and handcrafted with our signature Hunter leather, which is thick and durable. It, of course, softens with time but doesn’t lose its strength. It keeps its naturally distressed vintage look, too! We double stitch and hand sew the hardware onto our leather bags, this attention to detail gives your bag an extra level durability that will make it last year after year.

Our range of men’s flight bags include compact bags suitable to use as carry-on luggage, and more spacious holdall leather bags for long-haul trips.

Our handmade leather bags are inspired by the retro 70s airline flight bags. Whether you remember the iconic Pan Am, BOAC & TWA flight bags or not, you will appreciate the design of these bags.

Each bag has been handcrafted by leather artisan workers using traditional leatherworking skills and techniques in order to create the highest quality leather bag. The leather is also ethically sourced and tanned in an eco-friendly way. This means that your leather bag will withstand the rigours of travel for the years to come and is created in a environmentally friendly way.

The external pockets and generous interior mean you have all the space you will need, in a compact bag, as well as small internal pockets to store smaller objects. The adjustable shoulder strap allows the bag to be carried hands free, and comfortably distributes the weight.

So, whether you are looking for a bag for short or weekend getaways, or a bag to take on long-haul trips, we have something to suit every man’s style. Order a flight bag from Scaramanga today.

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