Leather Duffle Bags and Holdalls for Boys & Girls

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Leather Duffle Bags and Holdalls for Boys & Girls

Our range of kid’s leather weekend bags is not to be missed. If you are shopping for a new travel bag, school bag or every day bag for the children, you'll appreciate our selection of messenger bags, satchels, travel bags and flight bags.

These can be used as excellent luggage bags and carry-on luggage. They are compact enough to be used as carry-on, but spacious enough to fit everything you need. Many of our bags have additional pockets and compartments which means you can carry even more and store smaller items, without making the bag bulky and unwieldy. Each of our bags includes a wide leather shoulder strap. This means you can carry the bag comfortably hands free.It also means that weight is distributed evenly.

Our selection of children’s weekend bags is inspired by the classic 70s airline bags and the school satchels of the 50s and 60s.

All our bags are created by our expert design team and artisan leather workers to ensure the highest quality possible. Our leather bags are truly built to last. If you choose a leather school satchel, you won’t need to replace a bag every term - or even multiple times a term. Our bags will last for years and are designed to cope with the rigours of everyday life. A leather travelling bag can be a faithful companion through all journeys.

As the leather ages it will take on a character all of its own - meaning you will have a truly unique bag that reflects the memories of your travels.

Scaramanga have created an exclusive collection of leather weekend bags for kids, that are perfect for fashionable travel, cool students and every day school use.

Browse our online range and order now to benefit from quick delivery in the UK and overseas.

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