Leather Holdall Bags for Boys & Girls

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Leather Holdall Bags for Boys & Girls

Carry everything you need with a kid’s leather holdall bag from Scaramanga. This stylish and durable bag is spacious enough for everything you will need, whether it is for school, a playdate, a camping trip, travelling abroad or a day out.

The classic British design features a tough leather exterior and brass fasteners. Each bag is handmade using traditional materials, tools and techniques, which ensures the highest quality possible. The designs are inspired by the vintage travelling bags of the early 20th century.

Our bags are designed to last for years and will look and feel better with age. If you choose a leather holdall as a gift, the recipient will be able to use it year after year.

Each holdall includes lots of pockets and compartments, so you will be able to pack anything you need into it without looking bulky. The leather shoulder straps mean you can carry the bag comfortably hands free. The thick shoulder strap means that weight is distributed evenly.

Whether you are using the children’s holdall as a school bag, an everyday bag or an occasional travelling bag, it is versatile enough to look good with any outfit. The durable material and classic design mean this can be used every day.

Why choose a bag you would have to replace every school year - perhaps more than once every school year - when you can choose a leather holdall that will last year after year? In fact, as our leather bags age, they will develop a character all of their own and look better than ever.

Choose a versatile and durable bag you can use literally every day. That is what you get when you choose a leather holdall from Scaramanga. Order now and benefit from fast delivery whether you are in the UK or overseas.

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